“Although I am in the early phase of treatment, I have already felt the benefits which have manifested themselves in terms of less tension through my jaw, neck, shoulders and back, together with an overall sense of well-being, both in mind and body.”

- Joanne Roberts

Joanne Roberts

It is very hard to describe the effect that reflexology has had on me. I was in a very troubled state when I first met you (Andrea) and the one hour weekly/fortnightly sessions have given me a wonderful ‘rebalancing’ of my body and soul the effects of which have lasted well after each session. It has been a wonderful way of helping me to cope with stress and all its side effects, and has helped enormously in firstly putting my health in order and then maintaining it. I have appreciated it and will always be indebted to you.

- Debbie Adams

Debbie Adams

Stress relief is one of the main benefits from Andrea’s reflexology treatments. So many clients have expressed feelings of great relaxation, rest and recuperation follow her treatments.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Depression

Having been a regular client of Andrea’s throughout both of my pregnancies, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Whilst five months pregnant with my son, my mother passed away, and physically and emotionally I started to struggle. A friend mentioned Andrea and I started to see her once a week. These sessions not only helped eliminate my insomnia, but left me relaxed and refreshed, enabling me to escape to a calmer place for at least an hour each week – amazing!  The back pain, heartburn and constipation I’d already started to suffer with also vanished.

Andrea has helped my body to cope (and survive!) two very hefty pregnancies in two years. It was also a pleasure to spend some time each week with such a caring and professional lady.

I might be back a third time!

- Julia Scott

Julia Scott

After suffering from mild post natal depression and on some days struggling to know how to cope with my 18 month old son, my health visitor recommended reflexology. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to my sessions. First and foremost it is an hour of “me” time every week or two, I find it so relaxing and at the same time stimulating. After a treatment I not only feel fully rested but I feel alive and revitalised and ready to cope with anything. As a first time mum, I find it difficult knowing how best to deal with my son’s “bad” days, (which in turn become mine) but using reflexology, I find I have more patience and certainly have a calmer presence about me.

I have also suffered 3 miscarriages in the last couple of year and I currently find myself commencing my 5th pregnancy and at this early stage after 2 scans, all is well. I believe that Andrea, not only has made me feel emotionally and spiritually stronger, but has actually strengthened my whole being and enabled my body and mind cope with all the trials and hurdles of life.

- Alison Kettle

Alison Kettle

Pregnancy and child care are to say the least hard work and take their toll on the body, mind and emotions. Andrea treatments can make a huge difference to early pregnancy to ease the symptoms of sickness and the fatigue in the days of newborn and early childhood.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

When I first started coming to Andrea for reflexology, I had been in hospital with heart-related chest pains and my energy levels were really low. My movement was very slow and restricted and I was reduced to spending most of my days wiped out on the sofa. It was a very frustrating and worrying time.

Regular reflexology helped to gradually restore my energy and health in a pleasant and enjoyable way. I believe that Andrea’s treatments helped me to a quick recovery as directly after reflexology I always feel well rested and relaxed, and the next day I’m full of energy. I was able to go back to full-time work sooner than expected and have not had any re-occurrence of the pains or symptoms.

I still go roughly once per month as a gift to myself and for my continued good health. Reflexology has really helped to build me back to a good level of health and well-being. I believe it helps me maintain the best health that I’ve had in years!

- Nicola Duffy

Nicola Duffy

I have Crohn’s disease and have been coming to Andrea for regular reflexology treatments for nearly three years. Crohn’s can cause a mixture of symptoms like stomach pains, bad digestion, extreme fatigue and joint pains.  I have found reflexology to be a soothing way to help my body work more harmoniously.  Not only do I find relief from the symptoms of Crohn’s disease during the treatment, I experience much more energy the following day.

Last year I had a particularly bad flare up of Crohn’s. The doctors wanted me to have a major operation but I stepped up the number of reflexology treatments and I believe that helped me to recover better so much so that an operation was not needed.

Often my doctors have been surprised at how quickly I’ve recovered from particularly bad bout of Crohns which appears to be due mostly to Andrea’s reflexology.

- Katie Duffy

Katie Duffy

Andrea works closely with patients at home and in private hospitals to help aid recovery from major illnesses and life traumas.

General Comment

“Many thanks indeed for your exceptional care yesterday. The treatment was incredible and I am still marvelling at your skill and serene demeanour. You have grace and elegance coupled with gifts that are unique and wide reaching. Long may you continue to flourish”.

C.D, Mayfair, London

Aman Spa

“I can’t remember the date!! Incredible…I didn’t imagine you could be so focused in such a short time on what your body needs…or really feels.”

Richard Arnold (TV critic and ITV1′s Daybreak Showbiz Editor and roving reporter for Hello!)

Richard Arnold

“Indescribably relaxing. Almost trance like. Who knew feet were so sensitive! Incredible.”

- Jan Friscoe (Time Out)

Jan Friscoe

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