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If you are suffering from an acute ‘now’ problem, stressed at work, struggling at home and need to find the stress safety valve, an hour ‘reset’ treatment is a ‘life-saver’ and will really help calm you down and put you back on the road.

Ideal for those that are time limited, or in a high pressure environment but feel they will explode if they do not do something. This treatment will give you overall balance and help you to reset your life for the challenges to come.

Duration: One hour


When you need to do more than relax and reset, when you need to recover from situations, be it illness, bereavement, divorce or relationship break-up, job loss and other deep stresses that are clearly manifesting in your life, then you need a good one and a half hour ‘restore’ treatment.

This extended treatment helps the body, mind and soul unwind and set on a good path to recovery. Also recommended for people recovering from long term and severe illness and to help mitigate the side-effects of medical treatments, these treatment sessions are recommended as regular part of a rehabilitation programme. A highly relaxing experience with deeper, longer treatment to bring you back to yourself.

Duration: One hour and a half


A ‘regeneration’ treatment is a full analysis working through all the points in the feet that connect with all the major organs, bones, eyes, ears, glands in the brain, working around the body ‘micro-map’ on your feet allowing more time to clear, reset and improve the flow of energy throughout the body.

The ‘regeneration’ programme is particularly good for long-haul travellers whose body clocks are thrown out moving over time zones.  A thorough reflexology treatment helps to reset the circadian (day/night) rhythms. It also gives you a true sense of being pampered, lots of ‘you time’ and a great restorative treatment, literally putting you right back on your feet.

Duration: Two hours

A consultation is taken on the first appointment to establish the client’s general health, medical history and lifestyle factors.

Where are these treatments available?

Clinic - Spa - Home - VIP International

London – New York - Los Angeles – Middle East


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