Brings the Body into Balance

Each system of the body is worked via the reflex points or nerve endings throughout the feet, using an acupressure technique known as Shiatsu (shi = finger, atsu = pressure). Each time the reflex points are worked, within a day or two the body will experience actual physiological changes to a greater or lesser degree, over time ultimately bringing the body into perfect balance.

Reduces Stress

Reflexology helps the nervous system to function normally whilst freeing the body to find its own homeostasis. When the body is relaxed it can heal itself. Reflexology is a powerful and guaranteed method of relaxing the body and balancing the biological systems.

A Form of Preventative Medicine

Reflexology is known as both complementary and preventative medicine: complementary as it works extremely well alongside many other therapies and preventative as often the reflexologist can detect an area of imbalance via the reflex points and will work these areas – helping to prevent the development of some form of dis-ease.

Perfect for Everyone

Reflexology is perfect for anyone, young or old. Your Reflexologist loves all feet, as the two feet represent a microcosm or mini-map of your entire body. Every organ, gland and body system is represented through the feet and thus every part of the body (including eyes, ears and even teeth and gums) can be assessed and rebalanced.

No Unpleasant Side Effects

A reflexology treatment will take you back to the senses in a gentle, supporting and all-encapsulating way. This therapy will help release the mind from its shackles and bring about a more grounded experience to everyday life. Ultimately the recipient will experience a surge of vitality and overall increase to wellbeing extending to the mind and the subconscious.

Balancing, Stress Reducing & Healing

Relaxation and Sleep Benefits

Reflexology induces a deep ‘trance-like’ state of relaxation, thus de-stressing and restoring a deeper state of calm, which assists the body to relax more effectively and will encourage better sleep. Treatments can also help improve a sleep imbalance by targeting very specific reflex points.

Great for Musculoskeletal Pain and Stiffness

Reflexology can help with musculoskeletal pain and stiffness and assist in ascertaining musculoskeletal problems or areas of the body requiring adjustment. The reflex points are so specific that the practitioner can feel if there is tightness in the different muscles of the body or even if a specific intervertebral disc is causing pain. The practitioner can also suggest which muscles could be more effectively stretched by the recipient as a preventative measure or to ease pain.

Extremely Healing for a Wide Range of Conditions

You do not have to be unwell to have reflexology! This powerful treatment can also help with psychological imbalances such as depression, anxiety, lethargy, recovery following illness, digestive and hormonal imbalance. Due to its deeply relaxing effects on the body, it will also help strengthen the immune system.

‘Fine-Tunes’ all the body systems

In the early stages, the effects following a treatment will last for approximately 7 days. As the body’s health and overall wellbeing improve, the effects will get stronger, lasting longer as the body reaches new levels of wellness, thus correcting and perfecting the equilibrium of the whole person.

A Fascinating, Effective and Thoroughly Rebalancing Therapy

Originating in Ancient Egypt over 5,000 years ago, reflexology is both an art and a science. It is an art as it depends upon the skillful application of the practitioner and is known as a science because of the physiological effects it brings about throughout all of the body’s systems. A gentle yet powerful, uninvasive therapy which provides far-reaching therapeutic benefits for body, mind and spirit – and an absolutely fantastic experience for everyone!

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