What prompted you to become a reflexologist?

My vocation started in my teenage years with a calling to the world of bereavement support and counselling. By the age of 19, I had already worked with individuals and families helping them through 350 funerals.  I could see that the trauma of major life events and stresses had a serious impact on peoples’ lives. From this, I felt drawn to the ancient Egyptian healing art of reflexology which  resonated on such a deep level with me, it just felt right, and from that point I simply never looked back and have worked extremely hard to take this beautiful ancient healing art successfully, to a new level of excellence.

What makes you so different?

Pure dedication. It takes considerable stamina, concentration and endurance to work accurately and sensitively on reflex points for hours at a time.  You really need the strength and fitness of an athlete combined with the sensitivity and awareness of movement of a ballerina. This all passes down to the quality of the treatment and my aim, always, is to give the highest level of excellence in my treatments.

Nearly every day I put in time in the gym, working hard on fitness balanced with a very clean diet. I find the quality of my energy directly influence the quality of the treatment. It makes sense, working on highly sensitive energy points on the ‘map of the body’ (feet: see Reflexology), you need to be at your best to give your clients the best.

“I can’t believe that you can feel my gums and individual teeth through the points on my feet”

My clients really matter

Many of my clients live very demanding lives, always on the go and under considerable pressure. When you live your life like a ‘Formula One driver’, you need to surround yourself with the very best mechanics. I like to think of myself as your best health and wellbeing support and will always go that extra mile to help; visiting you in your home, accompanying you in your travels, and when you need that bit more to keep you on track and in the fast lane.

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